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I believe families can be their own decision-makers. I believe that despite their differences, with enough information and the right tools, couples who are separating can work together to create a successful parenting and/or financial plan tailored to meet their individual and collective needs.


My goal is to:​

  1. Provide a safe space for difficult conversations

  2. Give you family law information and resources to boost your  knowledge base

  3. Help clarify the issues

  4. Generate options and discuss action plans that are focused on the future and that keep your children a priority

  5. As a neutral guide, oversee your negotiation toward a peaceful resolution for your family

My Background

I am a Family and Child Protection Mediator accredited by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, living and working in Frontenac County. Born in Nova Scotia, I was raised on military bases across Canada, from Halifax to Calgary.

I have a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and a Master of Laws degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution. I have been a Lawyer for more than 20 years with a special interest in helping young people and couples who are separating.


I am a long-standing member of the Family Duty Counsel panel and I am on the Family Mediation panel for the Ministry of the Attorney General Court Connected Mediation Programs in several jurisdictions in Eastern Ontario. I am a panel member of the Office of the Children's Lawyer and I am trained in interviewing children for the purposes of writing Voice of the Child Reports. 

Jane Thurber Family Mediation

Serving Kingston, Frontenac, Napanee and Surrounding Areas

Telephone: (613) 328-6790      Email:

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