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    Let me help you Move Forward

    I'm Jane, a Family Mediator and Lawyer who helps  separating and divorcing couples reach agreements about parenting arrangements, support issues and property.


    Reduce Your Conflict, Improve Your Life

    You don’t need to spend several years and large sums of money to resolve the parenting and financial issues that have arisen as a result of your relationship breakdown. Let me help you reach an amicable agreement so that you can focus your time and energy on moving forward.

    Father with his Son
    Day in Park
    Mother and Baby

    How It Works

     $150.00 per hour - Pay As You Go - No Retainer Fees
    Mediation Consultation

    A one-on-one conversation with each spouse/parent where we will review the mediation process and talk about your family history and future priorities. If there are support or property issues, we will discuss the financial documents that you will need to gather in advance of the joint session.

    Joint Mediation Session

    We will all meet together during the joint session with the goal of reaching a resolution that meets your unique needs. I am a neutral guide in the mediation process and the decisions are left in the hands of the family. More than one joint session may be necessary depending on the complexity of the issues.

    Mediation Report

    Once a resolution is reached, I will prepare a written Mediation Report, including a Net Family Property Statement, if applicable, which can be converted by your lawyer into a legally binding document.

    Remote Family Mediation by Video Conferencing
    so you can participate from your own home or office. You just need access to a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
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    Issues Mediated

    Parenting Plans

    Decision-Making (Custody)

    Parenting Time (Access)



    Document Keeping

    New Spouses

    Child Support

    Child Support Guidelines

    Extraordinary Expenses

    Extracurricular Activities

    Medical/Dental Benefits

    Post Secondary Education

    Life Insurance

    Spousal Support


    Amount of Support

    Duration of Support

    Lump Sum Payments

    Extended Health Benefits

    Life Insurance


    Financial Disclosure

    Division of Assets

    Liabilities & Debts

    Excluded Property

    Family Home

    Equalization Payment

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